The School for Scandal. Lyric Hammersmith

The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan,

Lyric Hammersmith

Directed by Paul Miller

Set and Costumes Designed by Fly Davis

This show is a Georgian farce and requires many different scenes, all of which take place indoors in regency London set in 1777. Therefore in order to achieve fluid changes in keeping with the fun of the play I used the device of Periaktoi. In this case it is a triangular pillar with 3 scenes on each side so for each scene they would be rotated to reveal a different part of a room. The changes can be seen in the photos below and would be rotated by either crew dressed as servants or could be motorised.

The background consists of my drawings of London streets lit from behind in order to alter the colours and atmosphere of each scene. Paul and I felt that the play was a fun outline of people living in the 1770’s and lent itself to a ‘drawn on’ appearance. This is why I drew on detail onto the chairs and floor, and the mouldings are both 3D with drawn detail to prevent it from becoming too flat. This also applies to patterns on the costumes, that they too would sit in this world happily with printed freely drawn patterns.


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