A Thousand Stars Explode In the Sky Menier Chocolate Factory

A Thousand Stars Explode in the Sky by Robert Holman, David Eldridge, Simon Stephens

The Menier Chocolate Factory

DIrected/Mentored by  Elle While Robert Holman, David Eldridge, Simon Stephens, Sean Holmes

Set and Costumes Designed by Fly Davis

The show follows a family faced with the prospect that the universe is about to end and they must settle their differences before a thousand stars explode in the sky. The play moves all around England but the family always return to their original home – a pig farm in the north.

This inspired Elle and I to use the pig huts and make them into structures turned upright. The gaps between them acted as entrances. Stage left – 2 structures are clean metal to represent the urban environment and stage right 3 rusty structures to suggest the rural. Due to the curve of the metal they also acted as a refection device – mirroring the grey blue floor to give the impression of the ever present and doomed sky.

We exposed the walls of the theatre to reveal the concrete and bricks which added to the suggestion of the Apocalypse and a bunker for safety. In the interval 2 of the pig huts are lowered and become a mound of grass and an actual corregated pig hut. Both of which are stood on by the actors especially at the end of the play when they witness a thousand stars exploding in the sky (as seen in the second photo).


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